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What We Do

The Law Offices of Richard M. Greenspan, P.C., is one of the most well-respected, full-service boutique labor law firms in the Tri-State area and is known throughout the country, having participated in leading cases in the development of Labor law. Our firm's lawyers combine diverse backgrounds, collective intellectualism and comprehensive knowledge of statutes and procedure to provide our clients with peerless cost-effective representation.

We proudly represent a diverse cross-section of labor unions, Taft-Hartley and Union sponsored employee benefit funds, businesses and individuals in matters ranging from large-scale litigation to administrative proceedings in virtually all of the state and federal courts and agencies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We also participate in legal matters across the nation, wherever our clients' interests require. After 40 years of service, we have provided services to our clients in connection with every conceivable federal and state labor law and regulation problem and have participated in thousands of NLRB cases, arbitrations and administrative proceedings.

In addition to our legal team's experience and proficiency, our firm's hallmark is its unparalleled efficient client service, including near-immediate responses to client phone calls, faxes and emails, and development of strong interpersonal relationships between our team and those we represent. Our strategy of representation revolves around our clear recognition that when our clients are confronted with a problem they deserve a prompt response. Recognizing this need, there are few things more important than ensuring our clients know we are always available to respond to their needs. Our services include:

For Labor Unions

  • Consultation with union officers and business agents to provide near instantaneous answers to legal questions and thoughtful development of strategies and providing legal advice concerning contract administration and organizing.
  • Filing and prosecuting unfair labor practice charges with the relevant agencies defense of charges brought against the organization and representation cases.
  • Providing legal assistance and strategies in connection with organizing drives and collective bargaining.
  • Negotiations of initial and renewal collective bargaining agreements.
  • Assistance in handling internal union affairs and compliance with the LMRDA and other applicable statutes and regulations.
  • Assistance with completing and filing annual reporting forms.
  • Drafting and amending Union Constitutions, Bylaws and internal policies and procedures, including structuring organization of unions into Internationals, National Unions, Joint Councils, Joint Boards and Divisions.
  • Representing the Union in arbitration proceedings related to employee issues such as discipline/discharge, contract interpretation questions, and interest arbitration.
  • Defense of claims brought against the Union and prosecution of affirmative actions by the Union as appropriate in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies.
  • Assistance in handling audits by the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service, including Department of Labor CAP and ICAP audits.

For Employee Benefit Funds

  • Providing counsel at trustee and subcommittee meetings, including drafting of minutes and related plan documents.
  • Prosecuting delinquency collection cases in state and federal courts and in arbitration.
  • Drafting and amending Fund trust agreements, investment, collections and other policies and procedures.
  • Assistance in developing and sustaining fully insured and self insured benefit plans.
  • Assistance in fulfilling fiduciary duties imposed under ERISA.
  • Assistance in complying with HIPPA , COBRA and other applicable statues.
  • Assistance in completing annual reporting forms and notices to participants.
  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting service provider agreements.
  • Assistance in establishing collectively bargained benefit trust funds, tax exemption applications and acquiring appropriate agency qualifications.
  • Navigating issues involving the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service, including audits relating to the operation and administration of the benefit fund.
  • Initiating and prosecuting actions against signatory employers or service providers for violations of obligations under ERISA.
  • Our services involve a wide range of single and multi-employer pension, welfare, health, severance, benefit and legal service plans.
  • Coordinating the work of and interfacing with other Plan professionals to assist Trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary and statutory obligations.

For Businesses

  • Providing representation in cases arising from federal and state employment statutes including, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and analogous state statutes.
  • Drafting and enforcement of employee covenants not to compete and dealing with issues of employee duty of loyalty.

For Individuals

  • Assistance in negotiation of employment, severance, termination and non-compete agreements and defense of claims thereon.